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Welcome to Ebay no reserve Bulgaria Property Auctions

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Best value property in Europe! Compared to all European countries, Bulgarian property prices offered by online and high street agents seem a bargain. Truth is though; these prices have a huge mark up for the foreign buyer and dont reflect real local prices.

Average end auction prices have recently proven, without doubt, to offer the lowest prices available to expat buyers. Bulgariadirect can continue to offer such bargains week after week by having low overheads and a fast constant turnover.

£2000, £3000 right the way up above £20,000 for luxury homes which would cost hundreds of thousands in other countries. With no extra commisions to pay, like on live auctions or with agencies, Ebay clearly offers the lowest prices for investors.


Bulgariadirect is the leader in Bulgarian Property Auctions - Often immitated but never matched since 2003.


Questions? Email or call free on 0800 6899057


Bulgariadirect always auctions property with no reserve, that is, whatever the auction ends at, is the price you pay for the property - freehold!
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