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Best value property in Europe! Compared to all European countries, Bulgarian property prices offered by online and high street agents seem a bargain. Truth is though; these prices have a huge mark up for the foreign buyer and dont reflect real local prices.

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Average end auction prices have recently proven, without doubt, to offer the lowest prices available to expat buyers. Bulgariadirect can continue to offer such bargains week after week by having low overheads and a fast constant turnover.

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£2000, £3000 right the way up above £20,000 for luxury homes which would cost hundreds of thousands in other countries. With no extra commisions to pay, like on live auctions or with agencies, Ebay clearly offers the lowest prices for investors.Bulgariadirect is the leader in Bulgarian Property Auctions - Often immitated but never matched since 2003.Questions? Email [email protected] or call free on 0800 6899057


Bulgariadirect always auctions property with no reserve, that is, whatever the auction ends at, is the price you pay for the property - freehold!

Check the Investment Link Bulgaria Quick hotel booking guide for our branch locations in Veliko Turnovo, Vidin, Shumen, Nova Zagora and Sofia. Email us with questions.

Veliko Turnovo

Bela Neda (Budget)-Book Bela Neda here


Bela Neda, a superbly renovated old town house in the heart of the old town! Easy reach to all the attractions and views to Tsaravets fortress! The friendly staff are always on hand and will ensure a fine welcome to Bulgaria!


Panorama Hotel-Book Panorama Hotel here


Panorama Hotel offers the best views over the old capital. Pamper yourself in the pool & spa centre, dine in style or while away the evening in the coy piano bar.



Hotel Dunav-Book Hotel Dunav here


Hotel Dunav is modern and recommend for a short stay. Right in the centre and a few steps from the promenade and cruise terminal.


Hotel Neptun-Book Hotel Neptun here


Hotel Neptun offers top quality amenities such as a full spa centre and swimming pool. Extra large rooms and riverside views!


Nova Zagora

Complex Rio-Book Complex Rio here


Complex Rio - Being such a small town there is only one hotel in Nova Zagora. Dont worry though, its perfectly fine and even has a sauna for guest use!



Minaliat Vek (Budget)-Book Minaliat Vek hotel Here


Minaliat Vek hotel is a must if you want to sample a centuries old Balkan Town home. Conveniently close to the centre and with a good family restaurant.


In the capital, your chosen hotel can make or break your stay! The cheapest offers are never the best, after you pay for taxis to get anywhere you will pay more than you would staying in a good hotel to begin with! The following have been selected for proximity to the airport, our office and the exit from Sofia. By choosing one of the below hotels, you wont be stuck in traffic for hours when going to view your properties.

Hotel Eleganza (Budget)-Book Hotel Eleganza here


Hotel Eleganza - located below Sofias Vitosha mountains! Just ten minutes from the airport and a quick five minutes from our Flagship office.


Earth & People SPA Hotel (Mid Range)-Book Earth and Spa Hotel here


Earth & People SPA Hotel offers a modern conceptual design and a perfect welcome to Bulgaria. Be sure to pamper yourself in the spa centre or make use of the gym and swimming pool. The rooftop restaurant is among the best in Bulgaria!


Emirates Apart Residence (The best!)-Book Emirates Apart Residence here


Emirates Apart Residence introduces a touch of Dubai to Bulgaria! Why not celebrate your house purchase with an unforgettable stay in the capital? Countless guest facilities are available including a full wellness centre and the rooftop pool & bar is a must see in summer! The hotel may also arrange activities for guests, a city tour for example or a quick ski trip to Sofias Vitosha Ski Resort.

Bulgarian property auctions by Bulgariadirect

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